Proud of our Belgian Beers? Without any doubt! ... but let's also be proud of our Belgian hops. Hops are one of the most determining factors in the taste of a beer. As 'the' beer country of the world we owe it to ourselves to support and develop the hop culture and cultivation in Belgium.


Today the total Belgian hop acreage is around 150 hectares. In 1973 it used to be approximately 8 times more!


Belfort wants to actively contribute to the conservation and the revival of the Belgian hop culture. Therefore Belfort Beer is brewed with 100% Belgian hops.


Belfort also supports projects to help recultivate old hop varieties. 

Proud of our hops

Photo 't Hoppecruyt © Marc Le Flamand

Wout - Houblon Belge - 't Hoppecruyt (c)

Strong Belgian Beer